Friday, March 12, 2010

getting old

sometime its can be very tiring to talk to ppl of different frequency.

i cant wait to fly back a s a p . N O W .

i feel that the longer i fly, the lazier i am.. lazy to go sightsee lazy to explore lazy to hang out.. unlike last time, touched down straight away chiong..go shopping, go sightsee, can go sleepless for more than 36 hrs n stil feel energetic and drink like a fish.. lol. tink im old already..-.-

wheres my energyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i am so damn bored nowwwwwwwwwwwwww


shopping wasnt very fantastic. spend like 100 over but still not satisfied. wanted to splurge but nothing caught my eyes. accompanied shawn to shop at tod's, hoping that something caught my eye.. end up nothingggg-.- aand he got his mum a bag. quite chio leh.. classy n elegant but i guess it will look kinda mature on me.. but still i enjoy the weather, looking at those english building and ppl watch =)

and im missing home now. i miss mummy's food, bubble tea, sambal stingray blah blah blah..
and i miss bf's crap. LOL

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