Monday, March 1, 2010

im back again=)

its ppl like tt makes me feel that all the effort i put in are being appreciated. =) its makes me love my job~!

jus got back this morning and i need to go to sch soon. 是累的 lorrrr......我的骨头都快要散了.. -.- feels like giving up sometime... sian

this trip to amsterdam wasnt as fun as last time. well, partly was because i got to stay in to study for my exam which was not very productive .i end up fb-ing, slping and munching chips. the weather wasnt good also. its was raining and chilly. my next amsterdam im so goin to sightsee again. =) gd thing was, i resisted not going to the branded shops. im so tempted to get another bag. i almost joined Liz in her shopping spree. she got a pair of heels from lv tt cost about 1.1k sgd. o.o but its really chio ... omg. la. pls. and me? i only bought 6 bottles of peanut butter, 2 packets of waffles and some rubbish food. LOl. spent like 50 plus sgd only. WEE~~ haha so proud of myself.

my target for this year is to get 1 bag only. HAHA. yah. jus that 1! that double c, black colour bag with gold shoulder chain. MUAHAHAHA. JASMINE , WO LAI LE~ im joining you~! april roster, GIVE ME PARIS PLS~~~~~~

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