Saturday, October 10, 2009

damn steady

i think im damn steady lol. later exam now stil can blog. its like 20% info in my brain only. ytd stil can go out lol. but its ok. cos ytd motivates me to study more today HAHAHAa. oppps. great dinner ar old sch. we caught 500 days in summer. not that bad actually la.. abit slow but stil! the companion was great. =) weee~~~~ think next time can bring my buddy and nana to the old sch !!! they sure stuff the pizza like mad. HAHA

tml wil be off to abu dahbi and back on the thurs. jus in time for nana's bdae=) woo~!

ive got like so many things not done yet

i need a hair cut

i need to do my nails.

i need to pack my lugguage for tml

i haven buy my drystore


and i haven finish study

duno the sup paper how much ar


ok bye

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