Friday, October 16, 2009

sleepless for 28 hrs

hair cut done! =) though like not much different but my head feels lighter! =D and happy birthday nana! your so gona have a great bdae later!!

the new roster is out! im not sure i shld be happy or to be sad. i will be happy if im not studying. theres so much hassel to change flight and go for lesson .not everytime i get to change it. missing of lessons, not enough time to study due to flight schedules. this new roster is so freaking packed. i dont think i have enuff time for a breather man..i feel like giving up and this is only the bridging. i dont even noe if i can hold on til i start the actual degree.

quittin my job is a nono. i love my job. i love the lifestyle. i enjoy it and seriously speaking i look forward to every single flight. now someone tell me what should i do?

enuff about ranting.

im goin to slp now n enjoy my day tml. i will leave the worries til the day after. =)

and thanks to u i have a special night. i noe ur gona read this. but stil i wld like to say thank you and im having diabetics now. LOl. =)

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