Sunday, October 11, 2009

in abu dahbi!

i tink im power.

3 hrs of exam. 1 hr im out. duno how to do at all. my mind jus went blank. forget it.

and my mood got super freakin lousy. nana was there wen im down=)butter after tt with nana weili xy n ali! n joceline came down immediately after mnl turn with her batchies. haha steady! i oso damn steady . next day got flt stil chiong til 3 plus. lucky eric sent me back! and haven pack luggage somemore!

im now in abu dahbi in my DEAR BUDDY's rm LOl. i haven bath n stil in the ru hua make up lor!!!she cooked meatball porridge, bacon with asparagus... scramble egg.. stir fried beansprout with garlic! woo.


and i miss old sch=)

sometime love comes ard~ and it gona knock you down jus get back when it knock u down.

super love dis song cos i think im knocked down ...

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