Thursday, October 8, 2009

my therapeutic night=)

been studying studying studying.

completed 40 qns. 13 case. left 30 qns 17 case! but haven start memorising yet. jus copying notes n reading thru. OOPS~

it was a bad day for me ytd. i feel super shitty-.- sometimes i jus hope that you dun treat me so good. i rather u go ard telling ppl im a bitch den treating me nice. guilt can kill. and it killed me ytd.

and so when im down, my wonder girls were there again~!!!=D im an angel. travelled all the way to bukit timah find them lor!! haha. but they are the god la! they got flight next day lor. mornin reporting somemore!!=D LOVES LA.

at firestation=)

dis is so damn goodd. both the dessert n the girl HAHA

they sing super nice song=)

beer. fries. friends. perfect=)

damn huge beer!

with charles~

its time for a hair cut. my hair damn messy!

angel's fav pose no 1!

we jus SHERLYN CHAN LI LI to complete the buddies!

chio laa~! HAHAHAHA

ho sin + martini = lychee martini! LOl

angel's fav pose no 2!


wala after that with celest joyce n eugene!

by the time i reached ar! the band like singing last few songs liao lor!


tcc affter tthat.! by the time i reached home i knocked out til like 2.30 pm.
and tt sums up my therapeutic night! im alive again=) and so i say, friends are always there for me!!! =)
im stil procrastinating now. haven start study yet!!! HAHAHAHAHa

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