Friday, October 30, 2009

its a happy day=)

my day was spent studying, watchin bf training for soccer and yummy dinner with his family!

sometime you just feel happy to see ur love ones doing things that they like.. =)


side track a bit

i jus said tt im not interested in manuka honey right. guess wat?? after my buddy told me how good manuka honey is. i kena psycho-ed n got her to get me 3 bottles-.-. she shld be touchin down auckland soon. lol. shit. shes can be salesgirl or go sell insurance LOL. now im thinkin 3 bottle can finish not! nei mind. 1 for my family, 1 for my ah ma, and another 1 find ppl to give. so nice ar! lol

oh well~

im like having exam tml!!!!

i shall have my bird nest and go to slp then study tml morning=D

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