Thursday, October 29, 2009

im back like finally!

seriously i hate auckland. i jus gave away an auckland flight and now they called me up. wth. crew always love to buy manuka honey, kiwi and gucci there. ok gucci is because of the crew discount at dfs n the nz dollar rate is low. aiyah anyway im not interested in all these. so really. auckland is damn boring for me-.- no internet somemore!!! n the tv only have like 5 channel? cnn , sports channel, and some rubbish show. but its gd. I MANAGE TO STUDY LOL. so i save money and i study there. k. dun complain anymore lol.

and duno why this flight im like workin exceptionally hard. my god. non stop. really is walk to auckland and walk back singapore. k really is dun complain anymore!!!! become aunty alreadyyyy...

now im finally back. no more home sick n love sick LOL. =)

this time smiling alot doesnt mean ur surpressing a hidden pain...

im smiling from within=)

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