Thursday, October 15, 2009

im back~!

yeah im back. i had nv ever wan to go home so badly before. =(

im home sick man. i miss my mum. miss my dad. miss mummy's cookin. think im too pampered. everything is taken care of when they are in singapore. now when they are away, i came home with no food, untidy room and a quiet house. i dun haf my mum nagging at me , dun haf my dad asking me hows my trip, hows my work, hows my sch. =( i feel tt nobody cares. booooo...

ok i sounds emo. but im not la. HAHA. there are pros when they r away too! n i kinda like it. HAHAHAHAa. opps

work was great dis time . nice crew esp karen! =) but i jus hate it la . too draggy. totally nv go out at all and im too afraid to slp. -.- sianz. and why isit tt everytime when ppl ask if im single.. no one believes i am!!! lol. dun believe den stil ask sia. wth..

ok im goin to hang the washed clothes and change n go out to cut hair n meet nana! =)

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