Tuesday, October 20, 2009


finally post up the fotos !!!

i stil rmb i was feeling super down tt day because of my f-ing exam LOl. and dis woman was there for me!

nana im waiting for u to be back from bne n lets go k songs!

the P n VP of fjjlb!!


xy and ali!!

everyone loves my pose~

jiu gui jiu gui~!

LOl. next time wan nana to die fast jus let her drink gin n tonic. confirm plus chop she will chu stunt! HAHAa

lol.. damn typical of weili to do such thing..



damn long nv see him. think the last time we met was when both of us were kim moh? lol. tts like 16 or 17 yrs old laaaa!!

ok~ more pictures in next post~!
its the first time i went out in jakarta! woo~ massage for 3 hrs and i feel tt ive got more ache now-.- but quite shiok la.. pain is pleasure u noe. lol. i bought like 20pcs of dvd! and i dun think i will watch leh... bt its damn fucking cheap!!like less than 1 buck per pc. think my bro shld be quite happy. haha
and i came home to a clean and tidy room today! mummy rocks~! i think i canot live without her! but sometime the things she said really makes me -.- . duno to angry or to luff .damn funny.

the tiredness like setting in already.. not enuff slp! think i wil go for manicure tml. damn lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy=(

i wan to go holiday holiday holiday holiday~!!!! i so need to unwind man..i need the sun the sand the sea !!!=(

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