Saturday, October 24, 2009

sleeping bug

im amazed that i can sleep so much this trip.

touched down napped for 3 hrs. went out for lunch and shopping. back at 6 n slp at 7 all the way til like 12plus am? waking up awhile to check hp n pee. LOl. den slp again all the way til next morning and prepare for flight. damn shiokkk... =D

its been awhile since i met such weird n crazy ppl . what exactly did they gain by putting ppl down? boost on their ego or the perk of abusing their authority makes them feel superior? these ppl are often lonely soul who lack of love and crave for attention. the worst thing is after putting you down, they came back and apologise to you hoping that you wont complain them or bring the matter back to office. stupid not u tell me? stupid not!!! its reflects on your personality and upbringing.

anyway, im the only one not affected by this whole ordeal. all thanks to my super nice leader! haha. heng arrrrr... got back up!=D

tml got lesson 9 to 6! -.- sianzz... n im hungry nowwww.... haven eat dinner lorrr... 12am soon liao lorrrrr..... n my boy jus finish work lorrr.. lol.. have to wait for him to meet me for dinner supper!! weee~~

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