Friday, July 2, 2010

flying off again!

i jus got back ytd and now im leaving again~! super shag n tireddddd but i will be back tml just in time for cristabel's full month celebration!!!! ~will post pictures of my hongkong n san francisco trip soon!!!=D

the mickey mouse ring is so cute isnt it? =) i used tt to '' propose'' to bf. HAHAHAHAHAHA. he cant escape my '' 5 finger mountain" now.. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!! baby thank you for being patient and always waiting for me to be back. i noe its not easy but still love you for being understanding and sweet, calling me everytime without fail=) hugs and kisses!!! and im still amazed what we did ytd! LOl. we say and do the same thing for 3 times consecutively!! WTF??! Lol


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