Thursday, July 22, 2010

our 2nd day in taipei=)

with our soft toys! haha

im thinking of u at tt time baby...=)


soupt of the day!

bread got hello kitty lor!

nana's appetitser..
baked snail. erm i mean baked escargot~!

my appetiser! foie gras lehhh

buddy's basil pasta with prawn~!

nana's seafood tomato base pasta!

yvonne's salmon pasta~

my main course. spicy n shiok~! its like szechuan style spicy chicken with pasta. yums

my ice coffee~!


toilet foto! think we spent like 30 mins or more in the toilet tking foto?

wah i wan a bdae cake like dis leh. cutee siaaa

FORTUNE TELLING! HAHAHAHAHA. we spend liek almost an hr with this guy here listen to his fortune telling.
* it was raining anyway* HAHAHAH
this fucker said that my buddy will only get married when shes 40. i LOL to the max like hell. and when its my turn.. he said i will only get married when im 50. f him .
buay zun one. chey~
UNCLE SEET U REALLY WAN TO MARRY ME WHEN IM 50 MEH. old n dry n wrinkle liao.

we happened to pass by their local wet market while we wer eon our way to wu fen pu (wholesale shopping area)

yvonne was chop like a carrot when she bought her sour plum LOL. damn ex sia.

wah this is the damn shiokn spicy grilled corn. till now im still craving for it. SHIOK MAXIMUM!

my shopping kakis!!!

i bought a bag here! damn chio!!!

my buddies all still so energetic to shop while im already half dead~!

this is damnnnn yumm and damn cheap~!

having our beer n doing a fashion show on our new buy!

yea!! my buy=D super love the bag!!!!
today was a great day with boyfriend too. a very last minute trip to jb for lunch. claypot bak kut teh is love!!!!! had our snacks n groceries shopping! i think ive got the junkiest-bf ever. HAH. he super love junk food!! n he always finish them before me=( he finished our cheese ring and lays! i bet his goin to finish the cottage fries, hot n spicy chips, muruku and keropok before im back from london!!! BABY! U BETTER RESERVE THE MURUKU AND THE CHIPS FOR MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha
other than yummy lunch! we had yummy dinner prepare by mummy and yummy durian feast!! thanks to bf we get to eat yum yum durian!! i love you sweety=) nv fail to smile n feel so happy with u!
flying off to london tml with sarah and will be back on wed!=D

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