Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hong kong again~

the moment we touched down in hkg from singapore, we change out of our uniform *opps no bath* and went for makan and ktv!!!=D

batchies love!

we started out with a few bottles...

and sing our lungs out!

and end the night with many many bottles~

by the time we finished out concert, its 6 in the morning! sun rise liao! HAHA

hong kong cafe when we got back from frisco=D

fav milk tea!

cass's fishball noodle!

mine is extremely good la! im craving for it now!!!

on our way to mongkok! shopping at argly centre!

the place where i got my jumper=)

manicure is freaking cheap! jus ard 30 sgd u can paste as many bling as u wan on ALL UR NAILS!

at jordan station waiting for the rest to meet up for dinner=D

order order order...

xo stir fried long bean!

bamboo clammmmmm

lettuce with mush roommmmm


i noe u r drooling now!


too busy to pose LOl

salt n pepper fried fish. WAH THIS IS DAMN SHIOK .

mayonaise pork rib.



order till damn happy!

with kevin!

durian mochi alike. i love how the durian taste linger in ur mouth...

mango pomelo sago!

cookie n cream ice cream sago...

NO. thats not all...

chocolate shave ice. the chocolate damn thick n have a bitter after taste. wahh one of the best!

the mochi ball is damn shiok oso!!! the skin n thin n chewy!! and the peanut fillings jus splurt in ur mouth when u bite it!! * ok i sucks in describing but u noe what i mean rite... * LOL

alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll finished!!! not a bit bit left!!!!

how to diet like tt?

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