Thursday, July 8, 2010

my one and only

the eligible bachelor that is not eligible anymore. HAHAHAHAHAHHA

we always love to eat eat and eat non stop! and 1 day our conversation went like that,
bf: baby.. ur leg like fat already.. can see cellulite
me: what.. you give me money la.. * go slimming program*
bf: huh? ur suppose to exercise.. * laughing*
we have different thinking ... HAHA...
9mths ago he nv complain i fat one lor=( now 9 mths later.. eh baby u fat already.. wtf?!

another sms conversation went like tt,
bf: hi baby i miss you
me: where u
bf jitao call... I SAY I MISS U N U SAY WHERE U???? lol

9 mths liao ma..... *opps*

but i still love him la.. cos he nv fail to shower me with love and kisses=) and everytime nv fail to surprise me with some couple thingy.. HAHAHAH.. isnt this bracelet so nice and unique? bf buy one lor!!! LOl..

LOVE YOU LARRRR...muackssssssss xoxoxoxo=)

off to adelaide tonight!

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