Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hongkong disney trip!

photos for the hong kong disney land!=D we woke up super early in the morning for a dimsum breakfast!=D

she always give me this face when i camwhore=(

we shared a porridge!

char siew shu~

chicky feet!

char siew bao

cass's fav!

DAMN FULL! n affordable! about 15 sgd each person!=D this meal last us THE WHOLE DAY!

eat until slp! HAHAHA
we jus touched down into hong kong the day before from san francisco. had like 3 hrs of slp and off we went shopping the whole day and back to our room at night. slept a few hrs again and woke up for this dim sum breakfast and disney trip. so tt explains our sleepyness. HAHA.

but still not tired to camwhore. HAHAH

cass's nails are so minnie mousey!

the weather is damn FREAKING HOT!

we love disney store!! because got aircon! HAHAHAHAHHA. c disney store WE CHIONG IN TO BLOW AIRCON. LOL

the elephant look so real sia. but its fake one. sian

watching the 4D show! which was amazingly very good!

so nice!=D love balloons~!

the weather was so unbearable that we dun even bother to stay another hr longer for the mickey mouse parade. what a waste i noe but i rather not get heat stroke lor! LOl. ok. hkg disneyland. been there done that and dun wanna go back. LOL. probably during a cooler weather? =)
more photos up for hkg ktv session, shopping and seafood dinner!=D

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