Tuesday, July 27, 2010

with sarah in london

today i had to drag myself out of the bed and go for briefing with a mega headache. should see the face of me and sarah. ultra chui to the maximum. armed with a cook pot, we cooked a sumptous dinner and finished 3 bottles of wine in my room ytd night. we had chicken wings, asparagus, bacon with sour cream chive and crackers, pasta in 4 cheese sauce with prawn and mushroom, 1 champagne and 2 chardonnay. the more we drink the louder we got and duno why we started to laugh non stop. damn funny... of cos when 2 girls got tgt, there will be endless of gossips and heart to heart talking session on relationships. at that point i super miss my boyfriend man.... =((((

cant wait to fly back home tml!!!!! i know the flight back home gona be super tough but its ok, because im flying home and flying back to you baby!!!

just webcam with bf and everytime after we web cam i jus miss him even more. sian. but it was fun doing silly stuff with the webcam. HAHA. showing off our shopping loots and doing funny faces. LOl. i love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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