Monday, July 12, 2010


smth damn funnny and sicko happened at the same time. LOL. theres this weirdo with the email of impersonated my fren and added me on msn. so '' she started talking about sex stuff with she and the bf do damn explicitly to me and at the same time hoping that i will feed ''her'' some information of my bf n me to ''her''.

as usual la ar.. starting of the conversation was normal but i sensed something wasnt right. the way she talks and all jus damn different. probably not as 38 as the jasmine i noe. HAHA. and she definitely will not use this damn xiaolian kind of email. so at the same time while feeding her with hot sex info of me n my bf *of cos is pranked one lar * i side track n asked her questions about other stuff that only me n the real jasmine will know and soon i confirm n double confirmed shes not the jasmine! * sorry ar the real jasmine.. i doubt u for awhile HAHAHAHAHA* im like WAH.. JASMINE GOT SO HIONG ANOT HAHAHAHAH...

seriously, i think this person is damn creepy.. somemore she knows her full name, she use her foto and she add her fren--- which in this case very HONOURED was me. -.-. thank you. and every qns she asked, she will ask how about u n ur bf? u n ur bf? u n ur bf? u n ur bf? LOL. wtf??? !!! hoping me will feed her information of me n my bf? but sorry la.. i is not so adventurous like u la jasgirl17... HAHAHAH

and so ppl.. please be extra careful of ppl you add on fb, msn, or watever social network u had on the net alright!=)

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