Saturday, July 24, 2010

i think its because of u

its time to go for flight soon. another 5 days out of singapore. another 5 days without you. i duno when i start to dread goin for flight because i cant bear to leave you. and i duno when i start to miss singapore so much because i wan to be with you. i think you change me a little. i used to love flying and wan to stay as long as possible but now im thinking of other job alternatives. i will still fly a minimum of 5 yrs but of cos not a life time now. afterall, the pay is indeed very attractive and comfortable for me. so baby, work hard leh!! i wan be tai tai leh! i stay home help u do house work, cook and iron clothes for u lah. u give me allowance 5k every month ok not? steady leh! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA..come onnnnn... * nudge nudge* HAHAH.. lucky im not beside u.. if not 1 tight slap across my beautiful face. LOL
another 3 off days when im back! yahoo!!! baby! this time i will think of place to go ok? =D wahahah.. duno why im super excited! Lol.. cos i got a rough idea already..muahahahhaha... so look forward when i come back ok! hopefully u got off day!
and ppl! uncle seet bdae coming leh.. any idea not?? any lo-man-tic place to bring him makan or bdae ideas?? email me leh...... i will be super grateful and whatever qns u guys haf in future i will ANSWER ! HAHAH..
off to london~!! ckt wo lai le! *ckt aka char kway tiao* LOl. i wanna do a lil shopping too!=)

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