Monday, July 12, 2010

taipei wo lai le!

our yummy yummy dinner at orchard ion ytd!!! followed by predator... which was..... kinda gross... like bf.. HAHAHAHAHAH oppps... love u baby!!!

awhile more im gona go taipei for horlileh with my girls!!!=)

im sorry bf!!!! but still thanks for ur understanding! HAHAHA... my august will be for u ok!!! aug got annual leave too! all for u baby=) and now im waiting for my sweet swet baby to pick me up! even thou i always slap him, wack him, pinch him, fart at him and burp at him... he still loves me unconditionally. =D damnnnnnn sweet la... i love u sweety!!!
when im back.. we go jb eat buffet!!! go zoo see ur frens!! go ecp cycle and exercise *this one depends on weather/ menses/blah blah blah* ok? HAHAHAHAH i think we will need to exercise cos u finished my dried mango! my banana chips! and lays!!!! i think when im back u will finish the cheese ring and the bbq chips!!!and i think i will put on 34857294875 kg when im back from taipei=( but u will still love me n my fats hor? *u give me ring alrdy!!!* CANOT RUN!!! *roar like predator! *
hahahah. can imagine u luffing now=) * love you baby!

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