Monday, November 3, 2008

back frm bne

im back from brisbane. all i can say is the anger and tiredness i accumulated from the flight was vented on shopping in the mall after i touched down

its the first time i bought so much in australia station. cant blame ya.. retail therapy cures all anger/illness...=D i bought 4 tops for myself, 2 top for bf and 2 berms for him.. its dirt cheap all for less than 100aud.=) sales rox! i went back hotel feeling better and happier.

i always tell myself. no matter how shitty or how difficult my day is, i will always be back to my home sweet home. true enough isnt it? im back home now and my parents are back from their 10 days turkey tour. they bought a leather jacket for me which cost 250USD. omg.0.0 but its damn pretty i can wear it to zurich~!!!!=D its snowing in zurich gona freeze to death there haha.

im off to bangkok on wed and back on thurs. and then off to zurich on fri and back on mon. like not much rest =( but im fine with it. cos i have too much off days last week. im not complaining. HAHAa .. in fact, i spent the 5 free days to the max! lol.. all the shopping.. partying and outin with my lovely frens n bf ...=)

appt at cgh tml and im goin to meet my buddy in town to get my walletttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!i cant waittttttttttttttttttttttttt=D

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