Saturday, November 22, 2008

excited to the max

im msn-ing with my buddy now. shes a jap-pro. im consulting her the great shopping place in osaka and now i know where to get those stuffs! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. i cant wait to go there and shop til drop like madddddddd cannnnnnnnnnn

too bad im goin adelaide and not osaka tml. but its ok! =D

btw.. i got alot requests to get stuff from japan. so pls dun ask me to help u guys buy anything ya! HAHHAHA.... =D

btw its a happy friday for me too. cos my bf finally get his eyebrow trimmed by a professional eyebrow trimmer? lol. AFTER NAGGIN HIM BOUT 2 YRS ON THAT BUSHY BROW!!! he finally kai qiao le~!!!! HAHAHAHa

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