Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bangkok nightstop

did a bangkok nightstop. jus came back today. we touched down n reached hotel ard 8pm(time in bkk) all of us nv bath ! LOl jus change and off we go shoppin HAHAHAH=x.

i spent quite a bit there. buy lots of pouches and shoe bag. i need it man.. lol i spent like 1900 baht there..=x

and off we go to yaowarat (chinatown) for dinner...!!

the durians damn freaking big siaaa

me and lily~ im not with bun laa.. its jus ponytail. but look like im with bun siaaa ..tsk LOl

fried rice!!!

tom yum goong. FREAKIN GOOD LA DIS..

sweet n sour prawn

sambal sotong

how can not eat birdnest in chinatown~!

JINGTING!!! If u r reading dis~! dis is the store tt we ate the bbq big prawn in chinatown tt time!! hahah .. i go there i think of our bkk and krabi trip sia.... =( LOl..

erm.... my naraya buy... lol.. i bought a few small bags for my mum. the rest use up almost all. pack up my toiletries, haircare, nail care, bodycare, skincare!! now its all organize neatly=D and i got pretty shoe bag for my safety shoe and my normal shoes~!

for my mum.. shes always love chili powder from thailand... she says its more fragrant and spicy.. mm...

all together~~

my new injury ... blue black on the back of my heel... i almost went bai ka went tt metal case luggage fall n hit my foot. T.T

=( still alot more but old injuries. lol recovering soon~~~

hand oso got lor...
off to zurich tml~!

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