Thursday, November 20, 2008


this is a damn relax week for me. lol. rmb me complaining bout my neighbour's renovation? yeah we went out on tat day to amk hub. me, my mum and my niece! went shopping and bring them for dinner at new york new york.=D

dessert at far east. =) i love that place man.. you noe why? cos me and bf always get to see funny things happen there . HAHAHHAa=x

thats my dear boi~! haha taken few days back in town. today is our 27th mthniversary=) love love~!

fat niece and me. LOl

my mum behind!

mummy n niece~!=)

bbq ribbbbbb omg

since im on standby again today i decide to make some dessert together with my niece. teaching her how to read instructions on the receipe and how to measure the amount of water=)

and we made a bear shape agar agar! haha. it was my mum's idea to put the raisin as the bear's eye. haha

shes so excited haha. we wanted to bake cupcake initially buti couldnt find the ingredients even though i have combed all the mama shops and econ minimart near my hse.. so i got so agar agar instead~!

see!!! the bear is so cuteeeeeeee HAHA .. got star, pineapple, strawberry and apple shape with longan in the jelly~!
tml is my off days again~! HAHAHA goin to celebrate our 27th mth=)

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