Monday, November 10, 2008

im back~!

im back from zurich ~! i get to meet my darling sherlyn chan li li!!! haha. we bunk in together and gossip so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh=D we went to a stupid heidiland tour which cost 80 swiss franc ( 128 sgd) its freakin boring both of us were like super diao -.- LOL but i cant deny that the scenery was beautiful and we even went to another country call lietchstein ( i hope i spell correctly). the 4th smallest country in the world which has a population of 35ooo ppl.


anyway b4 i post up the zurich's foto.. i will post up the amsterdam foto first. * not in order* im lazy to organize the fotos. LOl so yeah. enjoy~=)

my roster is out~! although i dun get to celebrate xmas and new yr in singapore but im stil quite happy with my roster. new countries like dubai, istanbul, moscow and houston~! omg! haha and osakaaaaaaa....~!!!!=D but i missed celebrations with bf and frens=(

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