Monday, November 24, 2008

back from adelaide

im back~! its great to be home again !=D nothing beats having a bowl of ginseng chicken soup after working hard for the whole day!=) mummy rox!!=D

i didnt went out in adelaide. jus do some groceries shoping at the supermarket and hibernate in the rm all the way til next morning wake up call. HAHA. i dun even bother to bring any warm clothings.jus a dress ..light and occupy lil space in my cabin bag. yeah. other than hibernating, a finished reading a book i bought in kinokuniya. CONFESSION OF A AIR HOSTESS. all i can say is, i love it. i can relate to it but some part of the stories is kinda exaggerating. lol

watching ch 8 now. the family is really poor and the wife is full of illness and stil had to look after 5 kids! OMG. kids... gosh..

anyway i had already had my days all planned! tml i will be doing some bonding session with my niece . HAHA baking banana muffin!! WOO~! and wed i wil be goin for a classic pedi=D do a lil shopping and meet up with mr bf for dinner at ikea and den shopping at giant to stock up some drystores to bring over to dubai on thurs~!

yeah~~ tv now... tata...=p

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