Friday, November 14, 2008

freakin bored

im freakin bored at home *pUllS hAIr* i spent the whole ytd staying home waiting to be call up but i wasnt activated. theres gd and bad.
gd- i can rest at hm and recuperate from my flu.
bad- no moolahs!
today is my off day and im stil rotting at home. the bad weather makes me loathe shopping in town. but im so sick of staying home facing the 4 walls-.-

actually i had things planned for today. my niece is performin for a concert so im goin to do her hair and make up before she goes to sch at 4.30. my mum and i will bring her to sch and off we go to shopping and wait for my dad to pick us up for dinner. my bro and my da sao will than go to the concert at paya lebar and watched their daughter perform. isnt it perfect. but my stupid brother couldnt turn up for the concert v last minute and now my mum had to tk over him. the tic is 10 bucks eh shldnt waste rite. gosh. and god knows when wil the concert end. ard 9? i have to wait til 9 and pick them up with my dad n den dinner. WTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. my gdness. B O R I N G

my plan totally spoil. im left rotting again now.


i kinda miss working-.- lol. got a turn ard to bali tml.

i cant wait for 15 dec. im goin to meet my batchies for hi tea buffet~! serena and cass already confirmed their attendance with me!!! while li li whose in sydney now and jiewei in korea now.. have to confirm with me when they r back!!! =D

cant wait for my osaka with liyuin oso. i can foreseen massive shopping spree with her. and im still thinking of the burberry key holder i saw the other time. i hope its still there. HAHAH we r gonna comb the blue label and fancl and those meiji tibits!!!!!!!!!!! rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

im stil v bored now. goshh

anyway i decide to get soney ericsson X1 instead of htc diamond. any reviews for x1 ppl?

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