Monday, November 17, 2008

standing by

im on standby again. tml oso. wed off. thurs standby again. fri off. sat to adelaide and back on mon. and i will set off on thurs for a 7 days trip to dubai and istanbul. next week onwards will be the starting of a hectic month for me. not much days in singapore but im looking forward to the trips. =) must have a positive mind! woosh.

was out to town with bf ytd. i love orchard during xmas season~! the beautiful lightings and xmas trees! i forgot to bring my camera out.. wat a wasteeee=( but i will be goin there again pretty soon. haha. the year end sales are coming soon and its time to start shopping for xmas presents! buttttttttt before i shop on gifts i think my pocket will bleed first.
i fall in love with a gucci cabin bag when i stepped into the boutique ytd. o.o

isnt dis so lovely.....................!!

shldnt haf walk in there. damn it.


im goin to nua on my bed and watch tang xin feng bao! hopefully i wont think of tt lil gucci.

wahah. BYE~!

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