Saturday, November 1, 2008


its halloween ytd~ i started off my day with baby popping by my place and we went to the market to get ingredients for our sumptous lunch=)

heres a card tt bf hide in my rm. haha. of cos, with the ugly handwriting but the sweetest note written on it. =) love u bebe

our lunch... dumpling=)

heres the super tasty soup.. using chicken bones, scallop and dried oysters to brew the chicken stock!

and heres ai xin macaroni soup made by bf! HAHA

done~! YUMMY!

dessert we bought! bobo chacha..

and longan grass jellyyyy

other than a yummy lunch.. i got a free maid! haha.. he mop the whole house! he tot he could rest after mopping the first level.. but being the lazy gf i am.. i told him to shun bian mop the 2nd level.. LOl

and when we r ready ~ we head off to queensway shopping centre to get bf's shoes!
ok below is a series of cam whoring HAHAHAH

and when the night came....... HALLOWEEN PARTY~

in double O

we were there to celebrate his frens bdae..

wee seng and kenji

i have more fotos but its in wee seng's cam. gotta wait for him to sent me those funny pics lol
i think the most weird ghost i saw in the club is a girraffe mascot. LOl. its damn funny la. oh.. and ah gua SIA girlS .LOL... with the sarong kebaya being worn ultra short. HAHAHAHAa
the guys got quite alot of drinks on the table. like 16 jugs n more.. n while im waiting for bf to get the drink which took forever.... i been sippin on the jugs and taking foto. the longer he tk.. the more i drink. thirsty ma.. by the time his back im like super high .. LOl. but im not drunk.. i jus cant walk str. LOl
lucky no hangover dis morning.. n ive got a flt later! will be off to brisbane tonight and back on monday night!=D
my darling buddy help me bought a LV wallet! WEEEE~ I CANT WAIT TO GET IT FROM HERRRRR... ROARRRRRRRRRRR

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