Thursday, November 13, 2008


my dear ali is so nice to take half day leave to acc me!! our shopping 'KICK' kicked in when we step into BV. haha. buy buy buy but the weather kinda spoil it. boo. but i stil love shoppin with her its been along time since we do that! i think we really lost touch with neoprint. our first neoprint sucks like hell~!! and we tk a 2nd one haha ...

so fun la....=)

i love you honey~!

below r the foto from zurich~ with darling sherlyn chan li li!

althoug the tour was kinda boring but the sceneries were breathtaking and the companion was great!!!=) i love having batchgirls ard in outstation! esp my bunch of besties like lili, serena, jiewei, liyuin, shiuan, cass etc. the stc days when all of us sit down n gossip during lunch break and tea break. HAHAHAHA to my dear lili, rmb to be strong and stay strong ok!! we will always be by ur side no matter wat!!!!! ohh n rmb to advance book me~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahah lovessssssssss=)

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