Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i spent my time there to the max.

first day touch down reached hotel ard 10pm.. slept ard 11plus

2nd day woke up at 8, met the crew at 9 came. charge to the arc de triomphe, lourve museum, notre dame, effiel tower and champ elysee. covered the 4 storey lv, visited hermes, gucci, chanel=D lugging the shopping bags combing all the streets and dragged our tired feet to lion restaurant for mussel feast!!

back to rm at 10 and slept at 11 plus.

3rd day which is also the last day. wake up at 8. meet the crew at 9 again. chiong to val' d europe which is 1 stop before disneyland. its already out of paris..outskirt liao !! about 45 min -1hr train journey. we chiong the factory outlet with boutique like longchamp, jimmy choo, burberry, celine, agnes b, bally etc. i got back 2 longchamp bag at a dirt cheap price. 1 cabin size bag to use as my mamasan bag!!! and another bag to use overseas( medium size with long handle)=D after our lunch we reached back hotel ard 4pm. and our call time is 7pm !! picking up at 8 to the airport! with less than 2 hrs of slp .. and a 13 hrs flight back sin plus all the preparation etc like 16hrs plus..

im finally back home. im so lazy to unpacked my bag. so lazy to move. so lazy to upload foto. lol.. i feel like slpin but im goin to tahan til 10 pm n watch perfect cut on ch u!!!! =D

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