Thursday, March 26, 2009

TSIM course=)

my 2 day course at TSIM was quite fun=) with a class of very humourous n funny classmates. HAHA. i think a gd thing about cabin crew is they mingle and interact with strangers very well. the ability to talk anything under the sun with ppl we first met and all of us are very open minded. well i think dis is one of the criterias to become a cabin crew too!

anyway, today is my brother 33 bdae. HAPPY BIRDDAY OLDMAN. had a sumptous dinner with my family=)

ytd dinner with ali was great too! brought her to the crystal jade hong kong cafe at liang seah street and im glad she loves it! the carrot cake is so shiok la! melt in ur mouth instantly..=D~
and we had so much fun tking neoprint! definitely reminds us of those happening days...=)

tml off~! YEAHHHHHHH muahha.. n bombay on the sat.

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