Friday, March 6, 2009


some fotos of ytd~

my ai mei mummy said tt she haf to touch up before we tk neo print lol

so me n my niece zi lian first HHAHAHAH

belle princess?

princess sleeping beauty?

snow white? hahah isn she cute?

went to tp today to meet up my dear qis n jt!! its been so long... its a pity i din get to eat my fav kung pao claypot at itas!!!! but at least i get to haf the western at mensa haha n tt stupid qis make us wait for her for almost 2 hrs! stupid shit!

zi lian-ing away in the project rm at the sch library.. haha



my cam is INFESTED with her foto.. my god LOl its always like tt..

the signature pose AHAHAH

OMG. seeing them mug reminds me of those days when we always mug in library with lots of snacks like.. nacho cheese.. fishball cracker.. sour plum..chocolates..sweets.. short circuit malay stall hot dog bread.. chicken pie.. diet coke.. LOL

n dis pretty babe of mine bake beautiful and yummy tarts!!!

yummy fruit tarts!!

shes selling it at a very affordable price of 7 bucks for a dozen~!

isnt it look so gd n hard to resist??!! the best thing is its not like the other we got from bakery.. those are too sweet and left too long in their fridge not fresh anymore and the crust will get a soggy n lost its crunchiness...

but dis one here is made by order which means she get the freshest fruits from the market and make it only upon request.. so freshly bake pastries top with freshly made custard and FRESH fruits. haha.. oh u can choose the fruits u want too~!=D most importantly its not too sweet and the pastries is crunchy!! even my mum and niece cant stop poppin them into their mouth when i brought them home!!

look at the happy me~ HAHAHAa thanks qis~!!!
if ur interested in getting the tarts PLS DO NOT HESITATE to click on BALQIS on the right hand column n go to her blog~!!! or sms to 98360614!!

the happy us~!

good friends forever~!!=)

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