Tuesday, March 24, 2009

so f bored

its supposed to be my off but being a super duper gd buddy, im doin a standby for her. so im like waiting to be call up for flight. -.-

my weekend was spend wisely. sat was spent loitering ard town with bf. after having dinner at pasta mania(far east), my dear boy was craving for MORE food, we head to the ''cha char teng'' beside yakun for our favourite milk tea and chicky strips. tt boy still craving for chirpy jumbo cheese suasage... gosh. lucky we did not had tt if not i wil vomit out a whole plate of mixed pasta-milktea-chicken strips-fries dessert for him. LOl

sunday was spent at the FOOD FAIR in suntec. FOOD AGAIN-.- im quite sick of the food fair actually .its like a food court held in a convention centre. gosh. the claim-to-be authentic oyster-mee-sua and meat ball soup taste super horrible. -.- natas travel fair after tt. i did not know a trip to egypt cost like 3k? and i actually spent less than 80 usd for my trip there! okok... i noe i dun haf to pay for tixs and accomodation.. =x

i spent the whole of ytd lazing ard, doin nonsense and watch mobtv. i completed 4 epidsode of UNEXPECTED ACCESS by wong lilin. the first 2 episode really gross me out!! the part on how they kill pigs n slaughter them makes me feel so ER XIN!! and my mum bought cai fan for my lunch with loads of BAR CHOR.. wtf.. the scene of the pig being drained out of blood invade my mind... !!! in the end i cook maggi mee n refuse to eat the cai fan.. -.- im so gona be halal for a week or so..

tml n thurs wil be having a course in town. PROMOTE TOURISM. -.- 8.45 to 5.45. sibeh sian have to wear office attire somemore.. have to 7 early 8 early wake up n squeeze train and lunch time have to chop table with tissue paper. -.- wah piang. but im looking forward!! BEACUSE tml night im meeting my dear ALI for dinner=) and thurs night im goin to meet my dear LI LI ,AND SERENA!!!=)

ok im goin to mobtv-ing again... i love bryan wong!=) HAHA

*some old fotos i found!*

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