Thursday, March 19, 2009

paris 15-18march

DIs cheese omelette and a cup of hot choclate cost me 15 euro (30sgd)

15min walk to the arc , i think my breakfast digest liao

sarah n me!

kiasu me, scare cold wear a total of 4 layers

Lourve mueseum

audrey hepburn...

delicious crepes~

we had a hard time climbin up.. it takes bout 10-15 mins to climb all the way up can~!!!

finally up on top of notre dame and we can see effiel from here~!!

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liyah acting emo. HAHAHA

monkey-ing at notre dame~!

some parade goin on

on our way to the effiel~!!!!

cotton twice the size of liyah's head!!! LOL

candy makes everyone so happy~!

isnt it more beautiful at night?=)

our super shiok dinner after a long day of walking and camwhoring! and its even better than our breakfast n cheaper! 26sgd each person!

buying ticket to go back~!

my shop in paris~!! LOL

longchamp love~!

dis 8 little macarons cost me 28 sgd!!! but its really delicious~!!!!
it was really a great trip with nice set of crew and paris is really a very romantic place=)

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