Thursday, March 5, 2009


went to lavendar with my mum n niece to collect my new passport and off we go to bugis for some shopping!

brought them for dessert at liang seah street and both of them love the mango puree with pomelo and durian puree to bits! haha i love it too~! shop ard and went to tk neoprints . its my first time to tk it with my mum n niece! we had a fun time posing and decorating the fotos HAHAAHAa... oh n we spend money catching soft toys at the arcade. lol. we were so excited when the catcher caught the mickey mouse BUT it drop off jus before the hole!! OMG.. lol 3 of us scream like mad.. hahaha

it was definitely a fun-filled day=)

simple but very happy=)

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