Monday, March 9, 2009


sss1- standby 0001-2359

3more hrs to 2359

tml off day. wed to perth. fri back. sat off. sun to paris.

slack for the whole day and the rainy weather makes me feel so lazy and my bed so cozy. HAHA.

it was bf day ytd~! been looking forward to it because we have not meet for more than a week..and we walked the whole of orchard to raffles city to marina and den suntec. LOl. our leg almost broke at the end of the day. HAHAa.. we pop by the arcade at suntec and the urge to catch soft toys come again! muahah.. we got 1 winnie the pooh and 1 mickey mouse~! WAHAHAHA... so happy.. love the thrill to catch toys and always got so excited when the ''kiap kiap'' catch the toy.. n the feeling is soooo WTFFFFFF when the toy drop before it drop into the hole..LOL

love u bf~!!!!=D

my annual leave last mth makes me so broke dis mth when all my bills come. -.- jus bought ink for my printer about 116-.- new hair dryer 89 dental fee for teeth whitenin 450 but lucky credit card bill dis mth is less than 200. ok so broke now.. pay day faster come!!! ROARRRRR

sometime i wish i can bake v v v v yummulicious cake. HAHA n i requested bf for my 21 bdae present and tt is HIM TO BAKE A CAKE FOR ME. not buy. but BAKE on his own. i dun mind if its chao tar or wat.. n i dun care about diamond, lv, tiffany or the double c. i jus wan him to bake smth or make smth for me=) nv in my life i had someone who specially bake for me.. its always me who bake for my family, my frens and bf.. not fairrrrr...

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