Monday, March 2, 2009

i felt so not motivated

im having 3 turns this week. even thou having more turns mean less allowance i shldnt be complaining since the economy is so bad now. at least i get to be home for dinner and sleeps on my comfy bed. =)

having this job makes me treasure the time with my family more. as much as i wan to divide my time equally among my family, friends and love one , i always end up feeling a lil guilty for having so little time for them. but im glad they are all very understanding and give in to my tight schedule. =) thanks everybody..

sometime i felt tt flying makes me procrastinate. all i do other than working is slp eat n shop.the only difference is its in singapore or outstation. i idle too much. its like u felt so not motivated in life. theres too much free time in the course of our work. for example a 8 days 4 sector flight of moscow and houston. the actual working time flyin in the sky is less than 50 hrs. the rest of the 140 hrs we r slping, eating, shopping and sightseeing. and when we r back to sin there 4 days off and again slping, eating, shopping, meeting frens. u jus got so nua until u nua til u duno wat to do.

at least when im studyin i noe that theres a dateline to meet, theres project to rush, theres quiz to study, theres lecture to attend, theres tutorial to copy, theres pcb board to sole. u get wat i mean? like u noe theres a task to accomplish, theres smth for u to work towards to.. i always think ppl is stupid when they say study is the best la.. i will always scold them stupid idiot secretly in my heart.. but now i felt tt im the stupid idiot in the past. haha..

i think my life jus get so monotonous or am i gettin to used to my life or isit that theres nth to perk me up or wat? and in the blink of an eye im in the company for about a year.. time flies isnt it?

alright i gtg catch some rest before i fly off to manila tml morning. back in the evening and kudos to home cook food=) my mum had already tk my order for tml's dinner. hahaha..

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