Saturday, March 14, 2009

bback from perthhhhh

zi lian ! lol.. i spent 1 hr to do my french twist. my first attempt! im glad its v neat n i super love it compare to doin bun. i think i look very ah ma with bun.. booo haha.. french twist is so much nicerr=D

yeah im back~

even thou its quite an easy flight but workin through out the night can be extremely tiring. gosh. i crash til 6pm after i got hm. guess wat? i even dream about work. -.-

din do any shopping in perth. only got bf a pair of havanas=) im saving up for my paris trip dis sunday!

new roster out~ copenhagen AGAIN! its goin to be my 3rd time there.. -.- and i got 4 turn! 2 penang 1 canton 1 bali...*pulls hair* but its alright goin to embrace my auckland =) hiak hiak hiak..

IT FAIR tml!

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