Thursday, November 5, 2009

brb soon!!!!

i am flying back soon~!touching down tml afternoon=D always love the feeling of flying back home and the smell of changi airport! haha.

think one of the pros of the job is i get to appreciate singapore more. its the only country that u feel safe even when ur walkin alone or tkin cab alone in the middle of the night.

and, i get to run away when im in denial. sometime, things just changed without you knowing. you try so hard to hold on, give in so much hoping that it wont go wrong but end up with your emotions all in a mess. frens around me are all going through the same things, i guess its part of growing up. letting go, putting down and moving on. what matter most is you r true to yourself and your happy with your love ones now. dun cherish and regret when they r gone..

been chatting on msn with frens and tt triggers my tot, doing some reflections and stuff..

gota go prepare for flight!! yeahhh!~~~

misses you <3 <3

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