Monday, November 2, 2009


its been so long tt i shop so much in sg. me n serena totally went crazy and bought every single piece we try on.

nana: eh nice not
me: nice lehhh
nana: should i buy not?
me: wah lau . dun buy wil regret. jus buy only.
nana: ok buy. got new piece not? i wan this 2.


me: eh chio not
nana: chio leh..aiyah buy la..
me: got new piece not. i wan this 2.


so both of us end up with so many shopping bags tt we have to pack up everything nicely,make it easier to carry and continue our shopping. hahaha

i got like 1 dress, 1 jumper, 1skirt, 2 top,2 pairs of sandals and like 10 undies HAHA. like 10?? yah i got 10 butts. HAHA

i lose count of wat nana bought. =X

london later!! n its 7 degs there! omgomg. and i jus realised i dun haf any nice long sleeve top. =(
shopping in london!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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