Saturday, November 14, 2009


i received an email on my result for business law. as expected, ive got a F! supp paper awaits me man.. another burden add on to my already hectic schedule. the december roster i got was wonderful for me though, but it sure din help much to my studying schedule. im unable to attend all the 3 lessons and exam for my last bridging module. im thinking of defering the module to next yr cos i really really dun wan to change away my flights. =( ive got my 3 fav destinations, amsterdam, rome and shanghai! haven been to rome b4 lorrr....and i got xmas eve off!!! new yr eve n new yr off!! song boooo~

im starting to think isit too early for me to start studying.. i shld enjoy another yr of flying before i start studying part time. but since i already started i will jus try my best. like wat bf said.. once you start jus do your best at least when u fail you noe you put in your best effort. =)

sometimes u meet ppl who really give you good advice and enlighten you. i met a leading stewardess on my beijing flight. she gave me alot good advice and it sort of straightened out the uncertainties and doubts i had for my future. now i know what i want and its how im goin to achieve it! =)

i duno isit im down on my luck or am i too stress. i kept getting pressed when im sleeping. isit the good brother? or am i jus too tired? it happened when i was in bejing tt night. i was so tired that i jus gave up struggling and went back to slp again. let see if i get pressed again by ang mo gui in sydney. LOl. if its really happens, i think im too tired la. maybe shld get some aroma therapy stuff to ease my tense when im sleeping.. ppl.. xmas comin.. u noe wat to do ar! LOL

i will be off to sydney tonight~ time to do some studying and meditation there!!!

oh n guess wat. im now persuading/psychoing my mum to go for a holiday with my dad in dec. praticing my marketing skill for tourism industry in cambodia. mai siao siao ok.. put wat i learnt into good use mannnn...*wink*

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