Monday, November 16, 2009

i is shagged dao cannnn

im back from sydney~and the flight back was so damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn tiring. work NON STOP and is really non stop. -.- wah lau. eat oso canot eat properly.. wan go toilet oso no time. tmd. worst till, im the stewardess that wear pants. working as steward. tough can..change meal load meal and stupid caterer uplift so many cans of minerals and cartons of juices duno for wat. make me stow like mad. carry here n there. Wah lau... whole body is aching now.. worst than our del, bom, blr, dac flight siaaaa.... enough of complain.

the stay in sydney was short la but nthing to complain! the shopping mall was hugeeeeeee... did a lil shopping.. bought the aromatherapy stuff !! and i really had super gd slp there sia... or am i too tired? haha. slept at 4pm woke up at 11plus.. den talk to bf=D n slp again til check out. din even read through my notes. -.-

im goin to rest now. whole body aching arrrr... n super tireeddd=(

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