Sunday, November 29, 2009

one of our girlies night=)

we got the beer the food and the girls~!


ICB n wine bar!

its nv bored with them. i can stil rmb we flood the already-v-crowded-n-noisy ICB with our fucking loud laughter. ok i think its my laughter. HAHAa i canot control la babes..i got super sexcited you know..lololololol

cheers to the friendship=) im glad i found them!! =)
i think im becoming an alcoholic ever since i started flying.LOl the other day when me n sarah was in perth we drank til 5am in the morning. nv even bath after touched down. all the clubs n pubs closed early on weekday so we jus changed and drink with our ru hua make up in her room. we literally clear the whole minibar la! HAHA. all the beer gone! sadly no camwhoring! we were too busy catching up and updating each other juciy gossip. i think it was quite funny when sarah said, EH SUNRISE ALREADY SIA. lol. n really when i turned back n look at the window. sun rise liao sia! LOl. i love flying with batchgirl!!
after the heart to heart chit chat session with sarah i know alot of things which i was not supposed to know. well all i can say is self discipline is impt. if you wan to be a crew, you have to be prepared that there will surely be changes to your expectations and thinking. it can be good and it can be might be because of peer pressure or influence, but i feel that its more of the experience and exposure that leads you to the change.temptations are everywhere, just that in our line, we face it more. its up to you to resist it or ruin yourself. differentiate btw the right and the wrong. like i said. its all about discipline.
to me, after flying for 1.5 yrs, ive changed. ive become independent. physically and mentally. i dun rely on people anymore. when i face problems, i will solve it myself and i tend to be more forgiving and tolerant to others. my expectations and thinking change, i expect more, i want more and i think more. i dun denied that it leads to the break up of my previous relationship. but all is good now, i feel happy and contented. no want knows what lies ahead of us. so lets jus embrace the present and work towards the future=)

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