Saturday, November 28, 2009

im fine!

exam later! n i will survive! no matter wat i wil jus do my best ! at least i noe i put in my effort n do my best!

after an emo-ing day ytd i feel so much better now~

thanks for all the encouraging words from all my frens!! fb, msn, sms, calls... =)

tml wil be my only off before i start my HELL week of flights n sch with zero rest.

but no matter wat i will squeeze out sometime for some booze and chill out session with the girlies after flights! and im doin adelaide with daphne so i foresee some shopping n boozing with her! woo~! =D


and i miss my bffffffffffff arrrr!!!!!! =)

ps: cabin crew wannabes! my company recruiting again!=D any queries can ask me and i will answer if i can!=)

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pohleng said...

Angel!!! My fren interested in flying and she wants to know more about the recruting time and stuff like that! Can you let me know (: