Thursday, November 5, 2009

its all about shopping.

the shopping in singapore~

my pretty nanna showing off her new hp LOl. we shopped like the whole day and only managed to haf our dinner at 9 plus lorrr... really is shagged ..

my fatty niece !

my buyssssssssssss....woo!

in london with nisha. damn great shoppin kakis. haha.

watever we like we jus dumped it in and sort it out later!!!

all our loots from primark!!!!!

one of the best char kway teow i ever had. yes its in london. at our hotel somemore. haha.

a mus haf whenever i come here!

and heres my loots from london!

so happy!!!!!!!! so many stuff and its only like 200sgd!! yeah! think i no nid buy anymore winter clothing liao!

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