Wednesday, November 18, 2009

it brightens up my day~!

i jus came back from a bali turn. even though it was a full load but i totally enjoyed the flight. i had wonderful passengers who were all so funny and cute and ive got nice crews who crapped and lame together with me. =D

theres this cute little girl who came to my cart in the middle of my meal service and hand me a drawing. so cute!!! hahaha.. and specially draw for me somemore lor! ive got a passenger who hand me his name card and offered to show me ard bali when im there for holiday~!he got a batik boutique in bali lor! his a 50 yrs old uncle v fatherly kind... haha.. and so i got him a lot of souvenirs to reciprocate the kindness. guess wat. he waited to be the last to disembark and hand me a batik sarong. damn nice laa...

doing a turn is not tt bad afterall =)

oh and i got bf to send me to work somemore lor!! maybe gd start of the day ar. HAHAHAHA. ok. i think bf mus be floating now. LOl.

exam on fri n haven start study sia! im goin to hug the buddha leg liao!


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