Saturday, November 21, 2009

busy but fufiling!

my off days were fully utilised! it was sch, frens and bf!!!=D

its time to reward ourself after exam~~=D

with my dearest girl!

dark devotion=D
damn shiok laaaa.. warm choc cake with the choc oozing out.. orgasmic!!!!!!

strawberry blossom goes perfect with a cuppa earl grey... shiokness

we were supposed to go to ice cold beer after sch but it was full house!!!

nic n nanan~

den it was the bf!!! fotosssssss=D

steamboat for 2 person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahha


after 2012

how not to grow fat!

<3 !!!!

and today after sch!!!!!

wahahha.. erm ya. his stil v hungry after frog porridge...LOl

part time sell durian.. Lol

sell durian one got so handsome one lor~

ta bao somemore! hahahahahah....

im happy happy happy~!
my standby was activated for manila turn tml!!! n i got monday off! so i can go ktv with my darling xin~ and then got to get exam tips from nic ! andddddddddd........... meet bf for tom yumyumyum!!!!!
and den coming sat i got exam!!!! sian. again.-.-
next mth wil be busy too=(
3 days flight. 1 off day( go sch) 1 turn ard 1 off(go sch) 3 days flight
totally canot rest.
but its ok! i will survive!=D

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