Wednesday, December 9, 2009

back from bne~

my stay in brisbane was short but great. finally can have a gd rest and slept for straight 12 hours. its been awhile since i slept for so long. lOl. i finally pull through the hell week of flights n sch=D. and so i reward myself with a dress! the last time i spent so much on a dress was chinese new yr which i nv even wear in the end-.- cos of the comment my mum made. LOOK LIKE CURTAIN. somemore the material really like the curtain she bought for cny. thanks lor. now stil in my wardrobe hanging like a curtain. yeah.. i jus wanna treat myself to something i like=)

4 xmas present down~!

bf's done~
daddy's done~
aunt's done~
batchies gift exchange done~

im left with my niece's, fjjlb's gift exchange, ali's, mummy's and some random gifts=)


as usual i brought my notes and books along but they nv left my cabin bag. been there for duno how long. nv even flip open LOL. -.-

anyway iphone for starhub is out now~ but ex sia. LOl. 500 plus?? hur? eee i dun wan to change liao! LOL. i wil jus tahannnnnnnn until next yr. wait for the hype to be over=D

and i think im a workaholic. i even dream of working when im slpin. -.- coffee tea? chicky fish? yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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