Sunday, December 13, 2009


more pics up soon!=)
im in rome now. n im goin to slp my day away.-.- how exciting ~
sunday alot places not open no choice and i think i come with the wrong set of crew.=( all like buay steady kind.think my rome will be damn boring. oh welll~ at least i stil got a chance to sightsee tml=) jus hope everything turns out well.
alright. gona slp! n wake up study later!
rome is so fun!
and to make things better
im staying at a golf cours resort
located at a bird dun lay egg place
no supermarket no mama shop no 7 11. all u see is grass GRASS n grass!!
and my room got no water boiler
how to eat my cup noodle?
and and andddddddd i brought expired granola bar
*roll eyes 360 deg clockwise and anticlockwise somersaut*
i hate rome.

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